Eamonn’s PSX Level Altered.


Due to an unexpected volcanic eruption, a RR Small Mobile Laser Platform (MLP) has been left stranded in a dangerous area of the planet. It is surrounded by rivers of lava but is situated on solid ground. To make matters worse, the lava is heading towards the MLP. It also seems that one of your enemies have destroyed your paths so your second objective is to repair the paths so that you can escape. You will need to collect 10 crytals.


1 Initial position of MLP

2 The position of the base and damaged paths 3 The only position where ore can be obtained 4 The lava flow and direction

C Positions Of Crystals


The Rock Raider must go for the Laser platform first or the lava will destroy it. Once this has been gained it can be used to easily access the ore which can then repair the paths. When the user has the required amount of crystals he can exit the level. Note: Lava monsters will be lurking around to hinder the player and will be triggered by the RR collecting the crystals


Ifthe MLP is destroyed by the lava flow. If the Player isn’t evacuated in a set period of time. If a lava monster destroys base (unlikely on this map but possible)